Device Orientation

Reminders about Device Check-Outs

Here are the important details about the iPads:
  • iPad carts have 25 devices at BDE, 30 at the MHS
  • Sign-up is the same as it is for Chromebooks ---from Tech Portal Page under "Device Checkout"
  • No need to do an orientation for the iPads if you've had orientation or classroom rollouts with Lisa, Sue or Andy
  • However, remember, iPads are much different than Chromebooks and are a bit more limited than your teacher iPad---especially with apps available to be put on
  • So, if you are unsure as to whether an iPad will work for your classroom purpose, kick the tires and take time to look at what the student iPads can do.  Maybe it isn't the right device for a particular lesson/project and you should consider a Chromebook.  Let us help withthis if you are not sure!
Important reminders about ALL our Devices:
  • ALWAYS reserve technology on the "Device Checkout" document
  • Save time for everyone and leave them unplugged during the day.  The last person using them block 4 or 7/8 will need to plug all devices in to the charging cart.  IMC staff will take care of plugging the cart into the wall to recharge...please let us do that!
  • Students are not allowed to take items off or return to the cart.  Only an adult can do this.  Be sure to build time into the schedule to take into account the collection and checking of student devices for damage or issues!
  • Please make an effort to return devices to the IMC by 3:30.  IMC staff need to account for carts and devices as well as secure them for the night
  • Something not working?  Fill out a "Fix Me" form IN DETAIL and tuck it into the pocket on the top of the cart.  Blank forms are inside the cart.
  • If you have permission to temporarily borrow a device from a set, you MUST fill out a "Temporary Device Use" for.  Tuck it in the pocket on the top of the cart.  Blank forms are inside the cart.
With access to new and more technology we are trying to make our systems as user-friendly as possible.  Thanks for your continued patience, support and constructive ideas!